Dealing with the spiritual move
By Nancy B. Loughlin
Published in News Press on July 11, 2017

Nancy Loughlin’s meditation space

Changing and moving your stuff is the same thing as changing your life.

Therefore, be aware of energy, not only your energy, but the energy of the new home, said Zachari VanDyne, director of the Fort Myers mediation center CasaShanti.

This awareness is most important because moving is considered to be one of the major life stressors, along with death of a loved one, job loss or change, and illness.

Moving throws us out of whack because we are yanking our roots from familiar soil, and no one knows what new terrain can bring.  The move sparks earthquakes through the first chakra’s energy centers, guaranteeing shock waves of fear, insecurity and worry.

Therefore, ritualize the move-in process to enhance your mindfulness of this profound energetic shift, VanDyne urges.

  1. Smudge it.

Feng Shui expert Nan Grover recommends a space clearing before moving into the new space.  Fan the sage smoke around the doorway and while your packed boxes are moving through the door.

“It keeps any negative energy from entering because you never know what your items  might have picked up on the trip. Drivers could be in lousy moods or the truck could be in need of clearing,” she said.

Then, when you are all moved in, sage your new home again to settle the frantic, vata-charged moving vibe.

  1. Harmonize it.

People can sense the good vibes emanating from your home, so create some, said sound ealer Nathan Dyke.

While you are unpacking and arranging your space, chant, sing (even if you can’t) and play your own musical instruments.

Once you are set, you can have an evening of your favorite music.  Be your own DJ and invite friends to play the guitar and drums in circle.

And don’t underestimate the power of laughter.  Infuse your walls with positivity as you and your guests watch beloved comedies or play charades and Twister.

“May laughter inspire you to Om with the sound of your refrigerator,” Nathan said.

  1. Grid it.

Be mindful of the energy you wish to cultivate in your new space.  Will it be a place of love, of peace, of prosperity?

Place four tourmaline stones, one in each of your new home’s corners.  On a center table, make an X out of two selenite slices.  On the X, place stones representing the energy you wish to enhance in your new home.

Crystal consultant Ana Peth suggests a chunk of citrine, an overall happy stone, for wealth and good fortune along with tiger’s eye for protection and grounding.

  1. Worship it.

As soon as possible, designate an area as your sacred space.  Set an intention for this area, a room or a crook of the living room, so this space will connect you with the divine.  Clear the distractions, clean it, and assemble your meditative tools: a floor pillow, crystals, spiritual books, candles, crystal bowls, photographs and musical instruments.

This is your spiritual hideaway.

  1. Be thankful.

Everything is off the floor.  Everything has a place.  You have your place.

Nan Grover has developed this new home gratitude ritual: Sage the entire space while playing your favorite soothing music. Then, say out loud, “I thank you house for being here for me, for taking care of me and the people and animals I love. I thank you for letting me share this space with visiting friends and family.”

Stand in the middle of the house, face north and breathe out the words, “God’s breath,” and say the same while facing east, south, and west.

“It’s just something I do. It clears a space where I feel it’s needed, but it also feels like I’m putting God’s blessing in the house.

“It’s a beautiful energy to me,” she said.

Exhale.  You’re home now.

Resources: For more information, Facebook CasaShanti, Nan Grover, Ana Peth and Nathan Dyke.