The mind/body connection: feel the vibration in the fifth chakra
by Nancy B. Loughlin
Published in News Press on July 2, 2013

Ascending the chakras, you’re moving away from the earth and solid matter to pure consciousness.

Visuddha is the fifth stop in the chakra energy system, your neck and throat. This is the expression and creativity center, and it is the heart of manifesting your dreams.

Can you speak your truth? Can you ask for all of your needs to be met?

The essential element of the fifth chakra is sound, vibration.

Tone is more important than message. Why? Because that is what resonates.

If you accept the premise that everything in existence vibrates, you can accept that similar vibrations will lock in resonance.

When you say you like something , it isn’t because of intellectual deduction. It resonates with you on an energetic level.

There are some conversations that are seamless, human connections that continue through the night. That is resonance.

Movies and books appeal to you because of resonance.

Love at first sight is resonance.

If your connections aren’t delivering happiness, the issue is the purity of your resonance. What kind of vibration are you emitting? Love resonates with love. Conflict resonates with conflict. Paranoia resonates with paranoia. The world is your mirror, and whatever you are you will attract.

Is your energetic vibration off?

First, start listening. Sound is the fifth chakra element, so close your mouth for a day. How much of your speech is necessary? Walk the mall, and if people ask you questions, flash them a Vow of Silence Card. “Sorry, but I am moving inward in a silent yogic meditation today. Thanks for your support.” If anything, you’ll be amused.

Observe the conversations of others. How many people are just waiting for their turns to talk? Turn off the television. Drive without the radio. Do I need to mention the cell phone? Enjoy the silence.

You cannot NOT communicate.

Take inventory. So what exactly are you reading? What movies are you watching? What’s hanging on your walls? What are you wearing? Are you feeding the monster or cleansing the soul? Only you know.

Keep a journal of your conversation topics. Remember that great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. Where’s your third? In the limbs of yoga, satya (truthfulness) and saucha (cleanliness) are both in the code of conduct. How clean is your speech? Do you gossip? Do you tell stories or exaggerate?

To develop the fifth chakra, open your neck with head rolls, Fish Pose or Shoulder Stand (be careful!). Chant HAM (or anything); visualize or wear blue.

Practice using your voice because in the beginning is the word. Expression is the bridge between inspiration and manifestation. And if you can’t say it, sing it, scream it, write it, blog it, paint it, dance it, cook it or build it. Just express it.

Next week: See with the sixth chakra.

Nancy B. Loughlin is a writer, yogi, teacher and runner in Fort Myers. She can be reached at