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Jamie Shane

Talking Sex with Kids:  Useful Tips from a Tantric Perspective
by Nancy B. Loughlin
Published in YogaUOnline on March 19, 2015


Jamie Shane, Tantric yoga teacher based in Naples, Florida, wants her young daughter to have terrific sex.

When she’s old enough, of course.

The problem is, Shane said, parents spend too much time talking about the “don’ts.” Don’t get pregnant. Don’t get an STD. And don’t unless you love a person.

“When we frame these conversations in the ‘don’t perspective,’ we’re creating fear as well as an enticement to experiment in our children,” Shane said.

“Then we lose our power as parents,” she said.

Instead, Shane suggests, have the conversation from a supportive, intelligent and enlightening perspective.

“I understand my daughter is eventually going to have sex, and I want her to do it well, healthfully and lovingly,” Shane said.

But how do you talk about it? Here’s a frank Q&A with Jamie Shane:

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